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5 mins Foot & Leg Release for the Extremely Busy You.

If any of the following sounds like you, read on...

  • Tight and tensed in your legs, back, shoulders and/or neck
  • Sit all day (eg. at your desk)
  • Water retention issues in your lower body/legs
  • Overworked, tired, burning out
  • Lingering fatigue
  • Feel unsafe, and even insecure
  • Feel stuck and lacking motivation to move
  • You are (extremely) busy!!

This simple and effective practice (just like a delicious foot massage) will bring you instant relief and release from head to toes in 5 MINUTES!

What do you get?

Step by Step illustrated E-Guide

Video Tutorial - lifetime access

Practice Cheat Sheet

Introduction to the S.h.ě. 舍 system

Learn 3 keys to soften, heal and embody

Learn myofascial roll and release with balls

Learn Yin Yoga

Learn super power Acupoint to replenish your Qi

Yes - all yours for free!

Show some love for your feet and download now!

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