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Hi, I'm May

A lawyer turned intuitive healer and the creator of the S.H.E. 舍 Method™ : a unique blend of breath work, meditation, yoga, healing arts and sound that encompasses 20+ years of embodied experience and study.

Here to help you restore inner balance and harmony and reconnect to the highest version of you- a return to Love.

nervous system and thera ypga (4)

When blocks in your body (e.g. tension, stress, and trauma) aren’t processed and resolved, they start to express as constant bodily tension and creep deeper into your tissues to become blocks in your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and social engagement aspects of your life, like boulders in the river, obstructing the flow of life force to and through you.

You have a stiff neck, locked jaw, tensed lower back and tight hips. You are edgy, anxious and losing your balance. You aren't engaging socially happily, and you've become harsh on yourself.

Over time, when these blocks are not addressed, you may start to burnout, become harsh and harden and eventually lose touch with who you really are.

I know, I’ve been there. But as I’ve found out, it does not to be this way.

You can restore inner balance and harmony and heal the blocks and traumas and start to live a juicy life! 

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Welcome to the S.h.ě. 舍 pharmacy.

A library of resources, workshops, downloads  to support your self-healing journey.

It's 100% FREE!

"May is more than a yoga teacher! I’ve 1:2:1 class with May for 3 years now. She is a gem and has a special gift to bring calm and ease every time.  Each class is well-tailored to fit my ever-changing needs. Highly recommended!"

Chingmy Yau

Chingmy Yau, Actress

"May is 'a breath of fresh air'! She has a lot of knowledge, skills and techniques. She is unique because of her warmth, kindness, humour, and profound professionalism. I attended May's online sessions from Amsterdam. Anyone looking to release and rejuvenate with someone with skills and compassion, go to May!"


Nienke Anne, Psychologist

Love. Om. Juice.

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May's workshops are wonderful. She helped me reconnect with my body and how to love myself.

Cecilia Wong

S.h.ě. 舍 is working wonders for me and I am embracing my journey. 

Josephine Tan

May has been instrumental in setting up Mindfulness Health and Well-being agenda at BT Hong Kong. Her deep knowledge and expertise is truly impressive.

Gerald Byrne, COO BT

I leave May's Zoom classes feeling so relaxed and loosen up physically and mentally and  I even fell asleep on my mat! 

Liana Yong

I've never felt such deep release on all levels from any other yoga classes.

Amie Shek

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