Namaskra ! Welcome home to your body temple

"In flow thus not in pain. In pain thus not in flow."

「通則不痛, 痛則不通」

I am so delighted that you are here. This is May- I am a therapeutic yoga teacher, a trauma healing facilitator and the creator of The S.h.ě. 舍 System™. I help women and executives make peace with their bodies so they can live life and let Love flow. I do this through my unique therapeutic yoga and healing arts - The S.h.ě. 舍 System™ .

Your complete self-healing system.

The S.h.ě. 舍System™ is more than your piece meal yoga. Instead it is designed to bring you a holistic system to support your physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Going to piecemeal yoga/meditation classes and treatments will only provide you with superficial band-aid solutions to your blocks. To heal blocks effectively, you'll need to own your healing and unearth the root causes beyond the symptoms.

I am fully committed to help you heal the blocks in your body through the S.h.ě. 舍 System™  and the Juicy Journey roadmap.


Not quite ready for 121? No problem, read on for your Juicy Journey roadmap

"I attend May's online classes, today I had the best class ever! I felt so much love from May! She moved me to a point of tears in my eyes, channeling very strong high energy and messages. Love love love every bit of the class. May and her S.h.ě. 舍 system have become my trusted companion. Highly recommended especially for anyone who wants to slow down and rejuvenate!" 


Jan Thong, mother & ex-banker



Before we get into the Juicy Journey, let's define "Juicy".

May Lim coined the term "Juicy" to express an ancient Chinese wisdom stemming from the word 'to live' (活).

In Chinese, the word 'to live' (活 ) is made of three characters of water, thousand and mouth. So ancient wisdom is telling us that to live is to have 'one thousand droplets of water in your mouth'.

Hence being Juicy is about staying lubricated in a well-nourished and sustainable body.


One thousand droplets of water in your mouth

 Living '活' in Chinese

Juicy is Life


But First things first...

1 Your have the innate ability to heal yourself

Do you remember who you are? Perhaps you have forgotten just like I did? The truth is your innate true essence is LOVE- perfect, complete and whole. It’s the larger part of you, the source energy part of you that is inseparable from all that exists. Within this pure positive energy of Love lies your innate ability to heal yourself.

2 Healing is not a straight line.

Healing is not a straight line and more than just ticking a check box. Rather, it’s an inside job journey in phases as you progress just like peeling an artichoke. Each cycle of healing takes you to another layer of the onion to be peeled off.

The Juicy Journey starts with where you're currently at, and you‘ll move through the four phases of Stuck to Opening up to Awakening to In Flow to becoming your own self-care Therapist to Manager to Expert and Inner Healer respectively, supported by the practices and tools of the S.h.e 舍 System™.

You can even move through all the phases in just one class for a particular block. The more you practice, the better you will get.

Phase 1: When you are stuck – Self-care Therapist

Mantra: I start where I am

You start where you are currently at and soften your body and mind to release your immediate blocks. Like a gardener removing the old and dried weeds from the soil, administering natural pain-relief to your blocks, you become your therapist.



Phase 2: When you are opening up -Self-care Manager

Mantra: I make peace with where I am

You’ll start identify the causes of the blocks and you begin to make peace with the issues stuck in your tissues. Like the gardener removing unhealthy roots from the soil, you become your own self-care manager.

As a successful lawyer, I get it, but no job is worth burning out for. Let me show you a win-win way. 

Phase 3: When you are awakening- Self-care Expert

Mantra: I trust in my self-healing power.

You’ll gain a full understanding of the deep residual blocks and their causes, identifying your own common imbalances and applying the tools to restore harmony. Like a gardener enriching the soil, you become your own self-care expert.


Phase 4: When you are IN FLOW- Inner Healer

Mantra: I flow freely and loving with life.

You’ve gained experiential learning and awareness of the causes of block and flow. You start to plant new seeds to create conditions for more flow in your life. Like a gardener, planting new seeds and taking loving care of your garden, you become your inner healer.

"More than a Yoga teacher, May a healer who teaches from her heart. After every online class with May. I feel like a different person. I feel "longer" and a deep sense of relief and release. Highly recommended! "  


Sam Yong, Media

Be juicy, my friend.

It’s time for you to use the Juicy Journey roadmap for your self-healing journey. The more you soften on the mat, the more you'll heal the blocks in your life and the more you 'll make peace with everything in your life. This is the way back in flow.



Well done for reading this far,  ready to heal your blocks?

Or perhaps you are wondering "how is an ex-lawyer qualified to help me?  What's her story? " I am glad you asked, more about me here. 

Ready for your Juicy Journey?   

Love. Om. Juice.

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