The S.h.ě. 舍 Sytem™ Soften. Heal. Embody.

Coming Home (舍) to heal the blocks in your body.

You can heal your life

Louise Hays

May is a kind, patient and savvy teacher with an enourmous heart. I joined her online classes from Malaysia. I feel great to be able to listen deeper to my body. In the Fascia bounce, I was able to let go and release stress - just the way May brought us to be free!  S.h.ě. 舍  is a powerful tool. More than just yoga. Anyone who needs to release and relax, May is your answer.  


Angie Ng, Mother, Business Owner

The S.h.ě. 舍 System™

SHE (19)

The S.h.ě. 舍 System™

The S.h.ě. 舍 System™ is a system of therapeutic yoga and healing arts that integrates the knowledge of yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and new science (fascia, neuroscience and neurophysiology).

Woven under the three pillars of Soften, Heal and Embody, it is an innovative fusion of yoga, healing arts, breath and vagus nerve exercises.

SHE (11)
  • Regulation- You will get better at stress-regulation (ie self-repair and recovery from chronic stress) so you don’t burn out with premature aging and health issues.
  • Resilience - You’ll train in resilience and increase the window of flexibility in movement and mindset so you don't dry up or let past hurt harden you.
  • Reconnection- When you remove blocks and restore flow in your being, you will reconnect with your innate essence and ability to heal yourself.

S.h.ě.舍 restores fluid flow, Qi flow and breath flow like no other exercises

Aims of S.h.ě. 舍 Sytem™

Release blocks in your body
Heal unresolved trauma/root causes of blocks
Restore fluid flow of the fascia system
Reharmonise Qi flow of organs meridians system
Rebalance breath flow for nervous system flexibility
Create coherent nervous system and vagus nerve
Restructure the connective tissue/fascia matrix
Cultivate the habit of rest
Master the art of letting go

Beauty and Benefits of S.h.ě. 舍 System™

Effective anxiety, stress and cortisol management
Improved ability of self-repair and recovery
Better quality sleep
Increased resilience - flexibilty and freedom of movement and mindset
Optimum aging and juicy joints!
Improved overall organs and bones health
Increased calm, clarity and emotional stability
Stimulated and sustained flow of vital energy

The soft will overcome the hard, the slow will overcome the fast.

Lao Tze

The S.h.ě. 舍 System™

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Myofascial Release x Yoga (aka MyoYoga)

Soften to release chronic physical tension by restoring fluid flow in the Fascia connective tissue system.

The first pillar focuses on healing physcial blocks and remodeling the fascial connective tissue network of your physical body.

Tools:  Myofascia Release, Movement, Yin Yoga.

Heal May Lim


 Acupressure x Yoga (aka AcuYoga)

Healing emotional and mental issues by harmonising Qi (energy) flow in the organs meridian system.

The second pillar focuses on healing emotional/mental blocks in your mental body.

We unblock any Qi stagnation and strengthening any deficiency for organ health and emotional stability with AcuYoga.

Tools: Acupressure,  TCM 5 organs balancing, Qigong and Yin Yoga

Embody May Lim


Breath + Vagus Nerve Work

An embodied approach to regulate the energetic body, nervous system and vagus nerve.

The third pillar focuses on healing trauma-originated blocks in your energy body.

Tools: breath work, vagus nerve and somatic exercises, mindfulness, and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath.

p.s. S.h.ě. 舍 in Chinese means 'home' or 'letting go'... 

The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remembers, even the little finger remembers.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I have done a lot of bodywork and hung out with lots of wise ones so I'm serious when I've said that May is a powerful teacher. Congrats May!

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Katherine Short, Conservationist

Heal your blocks and move back into FLOW with S.h.ě. 舍

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