Private classes, coaching and healing.


Themed workshops + weekly classes.


Corporate programs for stress and mental health management.


One-to-One Yoga + Wellness

Customised private yoga, movement, breath work, meditation and sound bath in person or online.

One-to-One Coaching

Work with May to create your personalised practice programme fit for your needs and goals.

One-to-One Healing

Intuitive healing with body work to release stress, trauma, limitations and patterns with a growth mindset.

"I am a very busy finance executive seeking stress management support. May's 1:2:1 did just that, her classes helped me relax and regulate my stress level and increased flexibility. Even my golf swings have improved! If you work in a high-stress workplace and seeking help to relax and rejuvenate, I highly recommend May."

 June Wong, C-suite executive

Book a discovery call. Completely free and no obligation.

Let's spend 30 minutes to see if we'd be a good fit.

One-to-One Yoga + Wellness

Enjoy a fully personalised bespoke class in the sanctuary of your own private space 100% customised for your needs and requirements.

The tools used in our private session is base on the S.H.E. 舍 Method™ : a unique blend of breath work, meditation, yoga, healing arts, and alchemy crystal singing bowls sound bath.

In-person or via Zoom online, we will work together to develop a customised course that fits your needs and requirements- and lead you to recalibration and rejuvenation.

For in-person classes, you will also be offered vegan healing juice and aromatherapy, especially paired with the focus of your class, to provide you a 360-degree approach to empower regulation, resilience and reconnection.

Actress Chingmy Yau
Actress Chingmy Yau

"I’ve 1:2:1 class with May for 3 years now. She is a gem and has a special gift to bring calm and ease every time.  Each class is well-tailored to fit my ever-changing needs. I love her anti-aging tools and the nourishing healing tonic. Highly recommended!"  

Chingmy Yau

Chingmy Yau, Actress

"My fascial yoga and myofascial release sessions with May were incredible. Her classes were able to help me release the tension, tightness and general soreness I would get from my weight training. Highly recommend May!"


Benny Liu, Personal trainer

Book a discovery call. Completely free and no obligation.

Let's spend 30 minutes to see if we'd be a good fit.

My approach

Promise_May Lim

I offer my work from my heart, meeting you where you are with your best interest as my priority.

I deliver my sessions based on my unique blend in The S.h.ě. 舍 Method™.

The unique features of my approach include:

Heart-centered, trauma-informed and functional teaching style
Backed by ancient wisdom and new science
Intuitively guided sessions - from inception to delivery
Safe space without judgment, only calm and loving kindness
I only settle for optimum results

Learn more about my 'breath of fresh air' teaching style  HERE

Not resonating with 1:2:1? Want to check out my Group Offerings intead?