Free 3-Day Anti-Aging  Self-Care Challenge hosted by May Lim


You want to take better care of yourself so you can stay juicy and healthy for OPTIMUM AGING but you don't know or lack the discipline?

You are not A FOOL for modern FAD and you ONLY WANT NATURAL TIME-TESTED self-treatment THAT WORKS?

IF THE ANSWER IS YES-  this FREE challenge has your name on it!

be Juicy Anti-aging Challenge (2)

If you are 40 or above like me, you want to act now, URGENTLY!

You are seeing and feeling the SIGNS OF AGING - the image of the DRIED RAISON or DRIED Prune :

  • wrinkles, pale and dry skin, grey hair
  • worried about the onset of menopause
  • stiff spine and inflexible joints
  • worsening eye sights
  • period and digestion issues
  • longer recovery time from strenuous activities

Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Aging

This is no surprise because as per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the natural aging process of a woman's body starts at 35 with signs of wrinkles, grey hair at 42 and menopause starts at 49.  So you are in your 40s, you want to act now.. urgently! The drying up, shrinking up just like a dried raison is something you want to slow down not speed up! 


We all know that driving on an empty tank is going to harm our car. The same applies to our bodies. It's time you take charge and become your own anti-aging self-care manager FROM THE INSIDE OUT.


You want to act NOW before it is too late.  Aging is inevitable but living in a constantly stressful environment can often lead to excessive burnout and speeding up the aging process. Using expensive face creams is masking the symptoms from OUTSIDE IN. Adopting anti-aging self-care practices and rituals means you are rejuvenating your body, heart and soul from INSIDE OUT which will support optimum aging in the long run.


Features of the Free 3 day Anti-Aging Self-Care Challenge

  • AT YOUR OWN PACE AND SPACE- like a mini-course, you can start and complete in YOUR OWN TIME, although the chll
  • MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY- this challenge is free but it requires an investment of your time and willingness to show up and create value for you!
  • Bite-size instalments- each day the practice is within 10 mins! It is designed to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Your challenge- commit to your self-care for 3 days in a row for 10 mins a day- if YOU CAN.  If this sounds like a bit of a stretch...  then this challenge is really for you!
  • Challenge tracker to help you stay on track!
  • Lifetime access- After the challenge is completed, you still have access to the practice videos!

How does the online challenge work?

  • This online challenge is AT YOUR PACE AND SPACE, just like an mini online course.  It is designed for you to start and complete in 3 DAYS if you CAN, as a challenge but this is just a suggestion!
  • During the 3-day challenge period, you will receive an email every day where you will be taken to a Challenge webpage with the intro video and practice video for the day.
  • Please schedule in 10 mins in your diary for the daily practice for 3 days.
  • You can ask me any questions any time in the private FB group hosted by Heal with May - click here to join or text me @healwithmay IG or FB.

Day 1- Open the woman's body - 10 mins 

In day 1, we start with opening your woman's body with Qigong-inspired movement practice. It is recommended to do this practice outdoor if available to you. Otherwise indoor is fine. Loose clothing.

Day 2- Revitalise the Qi (energy) flow - 10 mins 

In day 2, we are going to revitalise the Qi flow in your body (which means energy in Chinese), using an ancient Chinese healing art called 'Pai Da'. Literally translated, 'Pai Da' means 'tap and hit'.

The tapping motion can be applied anywhere on your body depending on your purpose. In Day 2, we use our hands in a fist or in a cupped shape to tap on specific acupressure points in our body.

Day 3- Anti-aging Qi facial - 10 mins 

In day 3, we will be doing a Qi self-facial to rejuvenate and hydrate your face and internal organs using the tools of fascia (deep connective tissues) manipulation, acupressure massage and the power of your intention. Make sure your hands are clean. You might want to also cleanse your face before the facial.

Are you READY TO START YOUR CHALLENGE? If yes, I will see you inside.