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Discover the power of the 10-minute Anti-Aging Qi Facial in this FREE Online Workshop with May Lim.

If you are seeing and feeling the signs of stress + aging on your face (e.g digital eye strained, puffy eyes, headaches) you don’t want to miss this!

More than a beauty facial, May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial is an Inside Out, 3-in-1 rejuvenation of your face, sense organs and internal organs.

You will feel juicy, relieved and energised in your body and face after the Qi facial.


(with specific relief for Digital Eye Fatigue, Tension Headache and  Puffy Eyes + Dark Circles)


In this 45-mins FREE Workshop, you will discover:

Introduction to Anti-Aging Qi Facial - the what, why, how

The Effects of Stress on Your Face and Aging

The 12-step blueprint of May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial

The ultimate secret sauce of the optimum Anti-Aging Qi Facial

Learn the 10-minute Anti-Aging Qi Facial you can do!

Specific Acupressure Rescue for eye strain from prolonged use of digital device (Digital Eye Fatigue) 

Specific Acupressure Rescue for tension headache

Specific Acupressure Rescue for dark circles and puffy eyes (Panda Eyes)

The Juicy Rituals Online Course

... and much more!


"... I am now such a huge believer of [the Panda Eyes Rescue for puffy eyes] because the next day..." 

[Watch this clip to find out WHAT HAPPENED THE NEXT DAY!]

LEasA MCFArling, USA, Business Owner

May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial


Rooted in Ancient Chinese Wisdom and New Fascia Science, May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi facial is designed to release stress and tension in face and head region and restore a healthy flow of Qi in the body and face, giving you not only a youthful appearance but also healthy organs

May created her Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial as a result of the reshaping her personal practice to respect her intrinsic aging (she is 50 this year!). 

When you join us for these juicy 45 minutes, you will also hear about May's Online Course- The Juicy Rituals- an essential natural anti-aging self-care toolkit for women. So don't miss out!


"May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial is a miracle to me!  Even my hubby told me "I look beautiful" and how much my eyes are fully opened and brighter with a glow! I've never met such a caring and expert teacher as May, so rare!"

Christine, France

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Beauty and Benefits 

  • Stress and tension reduction in the face, eyes, temples, jaw & head
  • Hydrated skin, improved complexion
  • V-shaped face, smoothened wrinkles
  • Relief to digital eyes fatigue, blurred vision, tension headache, insomnia
  • Stimulated blood and Qi (energy) circulation and detox for better organ health
  • Boosted digestion
  • Stimulated Oxytocin (love hormones)
  • Calming, engage Vagus nerve and downshift of the nervous system
  • Sleeping like a baby
  • Cultivatation of self-care and self-love
  • Renewed sense of joy & confidence

"May is 'a breath of fresh air' kind of  teacher with a lot of knowledge, skills and techniques. She is unique because of her warmth, kindness, humour, and profound professionalism."


Nienke Anne, Psychologist, Amsterdam

About May Lim

May Lim, the founder of Heal with May, is an intuitive therapeutic yoga teacher, a healing facilitator & the creator of The S.h.ě. 舍 System™

She helps women over 40 like you stay juicy, healthy and peaceful at any age so they don’t struggle with burnout, accelerated aging and disconnect from their core.

Known for her healing-centered, authentic and refreshing teaching style,  she've helped hundreds of students heal issues in their tissues with her unique therapeutic yoga - The S.h.ě. 舍 System.

Her Mission? To empower you to heal issues in your tissues so you can stay juicy, healthy and peaceful and let live and let love flow!

May is 50 this year. A few year ago, she started to reshape her mindset and practice to respect her intrinsic aging.  May's Signature Anti-Aging Qi Facial is the result of her personal self-care rituals in that process.

Please join May in this FREE Online Workshop so you too can experience the power of this doable and effective practice!

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Join this FREE Online Workshop with May Lim and discover the power of the 10-minute Anti-Aging Qi Facial and much more! 

"More than a Yoga instructor, May is a healer who teaches from her heart. After every online class with May, I feel like a different person. I feel "longer" and a deep sense of relief and release. Highly recommended! "  


Sam Yong, MeDIA, Hong KOng