Letting go with falling leaves

Happy belated harvest full Moon, beautiful soul! I am just recovering from the non-stop work for the past month preparing for the brand new Heal with May. I am delighted that my brand new website went live on the harvest full moon. Yay!

This full moon also coincides with Autumn, the season of falling leaves, what are you letting go this time or at least be willing to let go of, so you can be closer to YOU and return to love?

Sometimes in our go-go-go lifestyle, we forget that we are human beings not machines! Our human system works according to the natural order of spent, rest and recovery. This resonates with the cycles of life, death and rebirth. All phenomena in life undergoes this cycle – it is this wind of change which allows us to shred our old skin, embrace our shadow as we progress on our inner journey, each step brings us closer to our true essence – Love – basic human goodness. ⠀⠀

Are you willing to let go?

Sometimes we have a habit of holding on something which we know is actually harming us or at least not helping us. So perhaps today is the day to set an intention and take a baby step to be willing to let go. Letting go can come from different levels, getting rid of something physically like the clothes you no longer wear, the books you no longer read. It may be bringing an old habit to an end relating to our diet and lifestyle, and choosing a more supportive habit for our well-being. It may be letting go of something in the past ( a particular person or relationship, some memories). It may be more subtle, letting go of inner dialogues, a particular fixed belief or programming, an emotional pattern- they way we think, and respond.

The underlying theme no matter which level of letting go, is our willingness to let go of energies that no longer serve us for our wellbeing and evolution as a human being in this time and space.

Let go with S.h.ě. 舍

The word S.h.ě. 舍 in Chinese ( “舍得” Shědé) means ‘the willingness to let go’ and the perfect name to label the self-healing system I have created to help you transform your lives from stressed out to chilled out and much more. As I was developing this system each pillar of Soften, Heal and Embody came to me and it all fitted perfectly to the Chinese word to mean letting go! Serendipity indeed!

Learn more about S.h.ě. 舍 here.

On a most profound level, when we are practising the S.h.ě. 舍 system on the mat, we are training to master the art of letting go.

What are we letting go of?

Letting go is about removing the roadblocks which are inhibiting your ability to move forward in your life. There are many possibilities of what these roadblocks may be, some are more obvious than others. Here are some possibilities of what you may wish to consider for your letting go journey: ⠀⠀

• Your past – relationship /event/ person⠀⠀

• Toxic relationship /environment ⠀⠀

•  Unhealthy habits hurting your health & wellbeing (eg excessive alcohol / drugs, eating unfriendly food, 24/7 chained to social media)⠀⠀

•  declutter your space, wardrobe , books ⠀

• Anger ⠀⠀

• Guilt ⠀⠀

• Fear ⠀⠀

• Judgement ⠀⠀

• Blame ⠀⠀

• Self-sabotage ⠀⠀

• Arrogance ⠀⠀

• Procrastination ⠀⠀

• Beating up yourself ⠀⠀

• Self-denial ⠀⠀

• A fixed belief which no longer serves you ⠀⠀

• External validation (reliance on)⠀⠀

• Worry about future⠀⠀

• Negative self-dialogue ⠀⠀

• Being overly harsh or aggressive attitude⠀

Letting go is an inside job. It is a very powerful tool for self-healing.

It’s a journey requiring self-kindness and a lot of patience, like peeling an onion, starting with the most gross to subtle layers. It does not happen overnight, it’s not black or white, rather it is a process of continuous inner growth.

Wherever you are today, I invite you to start WHERE YOU ARE. If you notice resistance as you are reading this, then be gentle, do not force anything against your will. Ask yourself “Am I at least willing to let go all which does not serve me any longer?” If the answer is Yes, then that is already an excellent start for you today. There is a special power to just be willing: when you are willing sincerely, the universe will slowly but surely show you the way. ⠀

Sending you all my love & healing energy for a full harvest and I wish all your wishes come true and may you have the courage to be willing to let go all which no longer serves you or even harming you.⠀


p.s have you checked out my my new website yet? Please come visit us!

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