Not your normal yoga teacher…

Perhaps I may not be your conventional or normal yoga teacher. Let me explain what I mean.

I don’t teach you to push against your body with aggression. My mission is to help you make peace (not war) with your body through my therapeutic yoga.

I don’t teach you the perfect pose. I don’t command your legs or hands must be in a certain alignment.

Because there is no perfect pose in functional approach to yoga. No two bodies are the same.  

But I will teach you how to find a healthy and appropriate (not aggressive) edge on target areas. I don’t teach you just to look good in the pose because it is when you FEEL NOT LOOK your edge, you are doing your yoga. Although I have no issue if you also look good while feeling it!

I don’t teach you yoga to lose weight because I’ll be lying to you with my eyes wide open. I don’t make physical contact with you unless you give me your expressed permission (I am glad Yoga Alliance finally added this to their new Code of Conduct recently). I won’t mislead you by telling you ‘you will get there one day’ if you are restricted by bone compression rather than tension (many make such statements without full investigation).

I don’t teach you to struggle upstream against the river and exert your muscles. Because the key to healing the blocks in your life is to soften and give up the struggle!

Moreover the home of Yin Yoga is in your joints and connective tissues.

Because if you do not relax your muscles (save for injuries), your muscles will steal the “exercise” from your fascia connective tissues and you will not achieve long-term increase in ease and flexibility.

I don’t teach you to run away from your edge of discomfort, but to have the courage to lean in and stay with your discomfort (different from pain) because

the way to transcend any obstacles is to take them as your path –  

you learn to smile & make friends with them.  I don’t teach you to try your hardest to reach your maximum range of motion, because healing only occurs when you are in a state of acceptance & surrender.

I don’t teach you to force your body against its will because

yoga is meant to heal you not hurt you

and less is always more when it comes to your fascia.

I don’t ask you to wake up should you fall asleep in class before Shavasana (corpse pose at the end of a yoga session). Because in my Love-based approach to teaching, respecting the needs of your body is my top priority. If you feel tired enough to fall asleep in the middle of class then that is what your body needs -Rest. But of course, if you start snoring, I might tap you so you don’t disturb the rest of the class!

Under my signature S.h.ě. 舍 system, I weave together Yin and Yang movements, meditation and healing arts tools in my teachings (eg self-massage treatment with for myofascial release and acupoints rejuvenation, Yang movements, yoga conditioning ) because the alchemical effect of different elements helps us moving back to being in flow.  

I explain the science behind what I teach because I don’t believe in blind faith.

I don’t judge you if you need props to support your practice. I don’t criticise you or make you feel bad because you can’t touch your toes. I don’t tell you to stop crying on your mat because the release of emotions is one of the signs of your Yoga is working (I know because I have been there).

Finally, I don’t dictate you must do everything my way (unless you are about to injure yourself) because I am more interested in you learning to listen & respect your body than me kowtowing to my deluded ego like a slave.

This is the kind of teacher I am and these values I hold dear in my heart when I take the seat of the teacher. To some, this makes me ‘not normal’ or ‘unconventional’ yet to others, this makes me a “breath of fresh air” in the yoga and alternative therapyy industry. Whatever the labelling, I own it totally. 


p.s. pictures shown here are from, one of my first bi-lingual public teachings in a 300+ pax retreat. The joy I felt when I saw the glowing faces of students at the end of the class is way more fulfilling than closing a multi-million dollar deal in my lawyer days, so despite the challenges and set-backs on my new path after closing 25 years of law, I feel I am where I am meant to be at this point and I pray for strength and courage to persevere my calling.

p.p.s. now that you have heard what kind of teacher and like to stay in touch, please sign up for my Weekly Om Juice here!

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