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It looks like the metal Rat have taken us on a rocky start to our new decade with the outbreak of COVID-19 and heart breaking news of Wuhan since Chinese New Year. Here in Hong Kong, it feels as though the city has been haunted by a even more deadly disease- the epidemic of anxiety.

I want to share with you my Anti-Virus Shied, backed by ancient wisdom and science, so you can stay happy and healthy in this epidemic of disease and epidemic of anxiety. I believe that we always have something to learn from every situation no matter how grave and depressing, and we will rise from this setback stronger, wiser and with greater resilience and compassion towards self and others.

We are all inundated with tips on how to take precautionary measures etc in this COVID-19 outbreak. Personally I check out

The point is, these preventive steps are only half the equation, so I am inviting you to invest into cocooning yourself within a holistic halo, one which includes taking care of your outer body (physical) as well as your inner body (mental, emotional, energetic) – to stay strong and positive and filled with love, compassion, joy and equanimity from inside out.

Your anti-virus shield has two parts- OUTER and INNER.


Here is how to build you outer shield for your physical body- essentially keeping your immune system strong:

❤️ Sleep.

  • Sleep well
  • By 11pm is possible (11pm to 3am is time for our Gall Bladder and Liver meridians to detox and repair)

Eat organic and wholefood.

  • Reduce intake of meat, fried, oily & processed food, alcohol (because such foods mean more work to our already over-activated liver) .
  • Increase intake of wholegrain, organic vegetables (esp ground & sweet vegetables like onions, pumpkins, lotus roots and yam – for your lungs), and alkaline foods, eg hot lemon water in the morning or umeboshi plum has alkalining effect on our blood.
  • If possible, try to have dinner early, leaving at least 12 hours gap between your last meal and breakfast. This works like a mini intermittent fast, which allows your body to spend more energy to repair than to digest.

Exercise. (move, bounce, Qigong, yoga, hike)

  • If you are staying home more than usual, I recommend more high-intensity movements like burpees, fascia bounce, skip ropes, jumping jacks, squats for cardiovascular and muscle health.
  • Yin poses or other forms of Yoga is good to help calm down our nervous system (which is over-stimulated with the fear of uncertainty and lack ).
  • Qigong would be a balanced activity.


  • Drink when you feel thirsty not drink for the sake of meeting the 8 glasses per day.
  • Hydration is related to moving as well. It is not sufficient to hydrate but also to move hudration to where the body needs it.


  • Take supplements like zinc , Vitamin C, D, B12 etc.


Before I set out the steps for your inner shield, I want to highlight some ancient wisdom and scientific discoveries. Because your understanding and conviction of these truths will no doubt determine the power and authenticity of your Inner shield.

Did you know that everything in our universe is energy or Qi. In truth, we live in a vibrational universe. Sound has a vibration, our attention, our word, our thought and even feeling and emotion has a resonance in which it vibrates. Love, gratitude, joy, each have its resonance on the higher end of the scale, whereas, fear, blame, hatred, distrust, each too have its frequency on the lower scale.

One of Buddha’s most profound teachings is that

“all phenomena is created by your perception. ” (一切法從心想生) What you believe becomes true for you in YOUR reality. Hence what you think you become.

Another way to understand is to recognise that we live in an attraction-based (not assertion-based) universe, hence

Rumi said “what you seek is seeking you”.

Our attraction-based universe is also all-inclusive (nothing is excluded), e.g. when you see something you like to include in your experience, you give your attention (not just words) : “Yes I would love that”. You are attracting what you want by including that in you vibration, hence in your experience. Conversely, when you see something you don’t want in your experience, you give your attention ( not just words) to that : “No, No I want NOT that”. You are actually inviting or attracting what you NOT want into your vibration and hence your experience. This is what it means by “Ask, and you shall be given.” Most times, because we do not get how things work, we end up asking for what we do not want (probably unconsciously) and we end up with just that!

Our body and its natural self defence is very much affected by what we think, what we say (e.g. self-talk inner dialogue) . Have you seen what love and gratitude do to water? The experiments carried by Japanese scientist Masuro Emoto demonstrated that water responded by becoming a beautiful crystal with words of love and gratitude and no crystals were formed with words “You are an idiot”.

His discoveries show how deeply connected water is to our individual and collective consciousness. How our thoughts and words carry vibrations which can and will shape and determine the molecular structure of water, and hence our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

His conclusion is that Love and Gratitude is the greatest healer. We human beings are made of 70% water. So choose wisely what words you express to yourself and your environment because the water in you will response within you and collectively without you.

Did you know that

latest scientistic research have shown – 95% of chronic illness ( cancer, heart attack, auto-immune, brain disease) comes from inflammation and only 75 % from gene mutation.

And consistent practice on compassion have shown to lower inflammation.


Your inner shield focuses on your inner body- what you think and act, how you feel, and on a more subtle level, your energy or Qi or vibration.

The key to a strong inner shield is to create and maintain vibrations within you as high and pure as possible.

The closer you vibrate to resonance of pure love, gratitude, joy and equanimity, the higher your ability to heal from inflammation and the lower the chance of attracting any infection.

❤️ Meditate & Intention.

  • Every morning- sit in stillness or meditate for at least 5 mins and set your intention for the day. Remember everything in this Universe is vibration, so it is especially important for us to practice emotional and vibrational alignment during this time.
  • Imagine every thing in your life and in our world as perfect and well, a world without conflict, disease and suffering.
  • Set an intention that “Today is a positive and productive day” and “things are always working out for me”. You can also set daily goals for your day.

Stay in the middle.

  • Throughout your day, try to be present, centred and in the neutral position in your awareness.
  • It’s often that our emotions get triggered when we watched the news and social media (especially about the virus situation) and conversations with people. These serve as information and be conscious that they do not have to “influence” and affect your emotional alignment.


  • Related to the point above, develop the ability to pause – so you can make space- to breathe and to choose your response to a trigger or situation, instead of falling prey to amygdala hijack and just reacting.
  • The more you meditate the better your ability to pause !

Love. Compassion. Aspirations.

  • Remember the water crystals? I teach many ways to cultivate love and compassion for self and others, one easy way is to make aspirations inspired by the Four Immeasurables Prayer . Repeat out loud at least 3 times every morning and night.
  1. Love. May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.
  2. Compassion. May all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering.
  3. Joy. May all beings never be separated from the happiness that is without suffering.
  4. Equanimity. May all beings abide in equanimity, free from attachment, anger and attachment.


p.s. do you notice the trend of global inflamed disasters t as the recent Australian fires and the current virus outbreak? These disasters resonate the vibration of negative emotions like anger, rage, hatred, even revenge. I believe the power of love and compassion will be soothing balm to calm down so negative manifestations in our reality.

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