Yin and Yang in Perfect Harmony

Water or Stone? Yin or Yang? Just as every front has a back, Yin and Yang are relative, they are not absolute. Just like there is no light without darkness, there is no yin without yang.

Moreover, within every yin there is lies its yang counterpart and within yang lies its yin counterpart. Yin and Yang is like like a spiral dance – as depicted in its logo ☯️ .

Neither is bad or good as we need both energies to be balanced in our systems to create harmony within and without.

I love Yin Yoga and it forms one of the core of my teachings.

But let’s be clear Yin Yoga is not everything and how much Yin Yoga you do depends on your lifestyle and condition on all levels (body, heart, mind).

Just doing a Yin-based practice may not be sufficient for your optimum physical health – which needs to be nourished with endurance (eg running, tennis) strengthening (gym, weights) and balance practices as well. And our Fascia needs to bounce!!!

Standing splits pose

In this picture taken in my Goa teacher’s training, I am probably at the maximum of standing splits and I would not able to do this standing splits pose without mobility (Yin)+ strength (Yang) + balance & coordination (Yin & Yang).

Supported Heart Bench

Yin-like exercises target our joints and fascia, nervous system , training in lengthening + mobility. For example, if you are too yin or too flexible without strength you will be restricted in core strength. Energetically you may feel like pond of stale water without uplifting energy. You feel introverted, stuck.

☀️Yang-like exercises target our heart, lungs, muscles, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, training in endurance + strength. If you are too yang just muscles without flexibility, you will be restricted in mobility. Energetically, you may feel like a hard stone without receptive energy. You feel aggressive, rage. Either case you are not balanced!

Mini Wild Thing Pose

☮️That said, our world has become unfortunately become overly aggressive, fast-paced and intense, our nervous system is constantly heighten beyond its limits, we tipping over the yang side of the scale mentally and emotionally.

Given our body-mind-heart connection – over time dis-ease and illness may manifest in our body as a result of this mental and emotional imbalance. Hence Yin-like practises would serve to balance our body, mind, heart, bringing calm, rest and peace to our entire being.

Rabbit Pose

To sum up, I recommend you take a targeted approach to come up with a 360 well-being strategy that serves your purpose, taking into account you circumstances, body conditions and objectives. For you more Yin practices to release tension, restore your Qi flow and just relaxing and calming down energetically, I would love to be your guide. If you are interested to practice with me and marinate in some Yin poses with the use of myofascial release, join my live classes at the Oriental Spa Mandarin Oriental  or practice online here. If you are looking for private yoga, let’s connect here


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