I am the Universe manifested in a human nervous body.

OM I am the Universe manifested in a human nervous system SO-HA

We are all the water of One Sea.

We are all the fire of One Sun.

We are all the trees of One Earth.

We are all the light of One Source

We are all the vibration of One Energy.

We are all the jives of One Dance.

We are all the sound  of One Song.

 We are all the breath of One Universe.

When I was in Tokyo last December, we went to the nearby Mt Takao for a day hike. As I entered the forest, two rows of majestic forest greens greeted me, their leaves rustled in the winter breeze as they whispered softly ‘Welcome Home May, we have been waiting for you.” I was moved to tears with goose bumps. My friend of course charged ahead in the trail, and he looked back and shouted “May-san, what are you waiting for, hurry up!” I replied “Tamegai-san, the trees just  spoke to me, and they welcomed me..”

 As I continued to stand still, I inhaled deeply the familiar crisp air as I admired at this gigantic master piece of lush green forest and mountain,

and for the first time of my life, I recognised that I am part of the Creation creating this master piece. I am part of this land, I am part of this sea, I am part of this space, I am part of this air. I am part of this light. I am.

And by the same token, these elements have manifested as a human nervous system, as me in this body in this time and space. At long last, I am Home. My felt the heartbeat in every pore of my skin, in sync with that of the Universe. I recognised then that Universe manifested in my system. We are one of the same elements, same beat and same breath.

 The wisdom tradition taught that the path  of awakening is like peeling an onion and boy have I been  spent a great deal of time peeling my stubborn and feisty onion. The path of awakening is not about creating something from nothing, it is not about developing special ESP, it is not about the ability to tell the future or clairvoyance , nor is it about traveling to the past or future, perhaps these maybe the by-products of some level of awakening, but if that is your end-goal to the awakening business, then you have missed the point!  

The path of awakening is path for one to simply remember who we are. When we remember who we truly are, we are whole, and when we are whole, we heal naturally. Thus for me the path of awakening is the path to reclaim our power in this body in the Now. My teacher has always taught enlightenment is right here and now, it is not about going from here to there.

Now, I finally got a glimpse of his teachings. This is where the magic lies. It begins when we realise, as direct experience, that we are all part of one another, just in appearing in different form, colour, sizes, lineages, organisms etc.

 Om Tips:

First, we remember who we are. As I wrote in my previous article ” As pure as lotus”, our original innate essence is pure and perfect and when we we are just that it is impossible to not be happy. Hence happy and at ease is our natural state. We are complete at the very core. However, our memories, bad experiences, karmic propensity, ego-driven behaviour simply block us for seeing, hearing, feeling, or recognising who we are, as we are.  Can we give up trying to get better, to struggle & strive,  to swim up-stream? And worse still, we  beat ourselves up each time we fail to live up to our goals. We are so addicted to our tenacious habit of self-blame, self-sabotage and self-denial.  We have forgotten how to be kind and gentle with ourselves,  we have forgotten to appreciate ourselves, our body and its intelligent systems within. We have forgotten to count little blessings in life.  So what I am proposing here might sound completely out of order to you! But the truth is we are pure and perfect. Period.

 Second, we clear out the junk and cob-webs we have been collected whether intentionally or otherwise, in our lives. So we let go of all which no longer serves our purpose right here and now. You know what which you don’t need -anything which brings you down, makes you feel depleted, anything which does not make you feel good- be it people, places, food, drinks, additions, situations, including your very own dark side!

Third,  we understand how the Universe works, it is an attraction-based universe as opposed to an exclusion-based universe. This is the first step to be the amazing deliberate creator of your life.

 Forth, we remember we are part of something bigger than us. We will then begin to realise that the Universe has manifested in you as a human nervous system. From there, we will naturally drop the addiction to control, to force upon that which is not, to judge and separate you from me, this from that. Get out to the nature more often and take time to breathe in the air as you admire the naked  and raw beauty of Mother nature, walk barefoot on grass, walk barefoot on the beach (there is no better detox than this!) and just sit quietly  for even 1 minute in the morning, in the office, in the bus, before we sleep – create space for you to hear for yourself the sound of your breath and heart because that IS the sound of the Universe breathing inside you.

OM Mantra:

 Look in the mirror and into your eyes and repeat :”I am. I am the Universe in me. I am. I am soha.


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