She is Free. She is Home. She is Natural Great Peace

She is Home.

She is Love.

She is Light.

She is Peace.

She is the wind.

She is the forest.

She is the earth.

She is space and beyond.

She is the sun.

She is the dust, She is the fire, She is all these things.

She is the directions below and above.

She is the gods, She is the demons too.

She is darkness, She is the light too.

She is chaos, She is peace too.

She is sorrow, She is joy too.

She is fear, She is courage too.

She is the dichotomy, She is equanimity too.

She is the division, She is one too.

She is the confusion, She is the wisdom too.

She is the ego and She is the supreme being too.

She is bondage, She is freedom too.

She is hell, She is heaven too.

She is he. She is she too.

She is hallucination, She is truth too.

She is the struggle, She is the let go too.

She is the receptor and she is the creator too.

She is existence and she is non-existence too.

She is lost in her confusion, She is petrified by her fears, She is bounded by by her past, She is lured in her future, She is torn in her sorrows. She is broken in her darkness. She is lonely without her Lover.

She is stressed in her resistance. She is dying in her struggle. She helplessly died in total surrender and the mercy of Infinity.

In this unborn unbounded infinity, in this beginningless beginning, she found all noble qualities.

There is Peace and purity of the heart.

There is Joy and Equanimity.

There is great Love and friendship, which looks with love and compassion to ALL.

Worries and anxiety dry up.

Mental distractions and distress ceases.

The ocean is calm, its surface no longer agitated by the wind.

The darkness of ignorance is dispelled and inner infinite light and intelligence alone shines brightly, this inner essence is untouched by the universe which reflects on it.

Yet in this unbounded infinity, her reality is just her experience, her earthbound life time is but a flash of lightening, yet in the now which is all she possesses, she does nothing, even though she engages in activities, all happens, living happens, nothing to grasp or fixate upon, nothing to hide or run away from. She embraces All with grace and love, for Love is all she ever has.

When one candle joins with many, it is the same flame that burns in all the candles.

When she contemplates in the truth of this diversity, she is free.

She is from sorrow.

She is free from longing.

She is free from bondage.

She is free from chasing and running.

She is free from fixation.

She is free from fears.

She is free from limitations.

She is free from duality.

She is free. She is free. She is free.

She is free for she has returned HOME.

She is Home in natural great Peace.


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